About Elisheva

Hi! I’m Elisheva. Marketing enthusiast, occasional graphic designer, productivity junkie. I am passionate about Jews, Judaism, and bringing the two together. I do this by giving Jewish communities a voice, a vision, and an online presence. I am currently the brain behind UpStart‘s digital marketing and experience design (XD) strategy.

This blog is where I hope to house the wisdom I’ve collected from sources far and wide: every Personal Knowledge Management system needs an output in order to truly facilitate said knowledge. My hope is that by writing about what I know, read, and learn, I will become a better student and marketer, and hopefully illuminate someone else along the way.

You can expect some ranting around these parts, particularly on the topic of brand strategy when it’s been done wrong. Otherwise, it’s safe to expect some entries about Jewish spirituality, music, social issues, and Experience Design.

When I’m not knee-deep in work or Persian poetry, you can find me hanging with the family that I adore, hosting a meal, or singing in harmony to hippie music.

Want to say hello? Email me any time: elishevathompson (at) gmail (dot) com. Or find me on Instagram @elisheva.thompson and Twitter @ElishevaThomps.