Designing for the UpStart Change Accelerator

UpStart’s Change Accelerator launches nationally in just two weeks. A program for bold institutional leaders across North America, the program offers entrepreneurship-based learning experiences that increase their authority and ability to create systems-level change, grow their expertise, and expand the network of intrapreneurs. 

In addition to crafting the messaging for this prestigious program, setting us up digitally on our website and social, and designing templates such as the Powerpoint presentation below, I also developed the content for this particular presentation, which was a detailed look at our marketing strategy for the program, presented to the wider team. The presentation detailed our channel and thought leadership strategies, broke down the program messaging, and equipped team members and brand ambassadors with the tools they need to do outreach: talking points that allow them to speak broadly about our offerings, template language for email and social, graphics and imagery, answers to FAQs, and more.

I want to call particular attention to the slide entitled “Zoom Features” (slide 4 below). Introducing participants to Zoom features on facilitated calls is a practice we (the UpStart team and I) learned from the facilitators at Be The Change Consulting. As Be The Change puts it,

Access to technology is neither equal nor equitable.

It is therefore critical to take time and space to share Zoom tools, features, and practices in order to be as equitable and inclusive as possible.

I designed this slide with the above in mind. It is one of many ways facilitators can model DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice) values in their facilitation.

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